How BAW Helped Muffin Group’s
Be Theme become the 3rd best-selling WordPress theme in the world in just four years

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Be Theme

"BAW is a great partner to do business with. They helped us promote our product and thanks to them we are more popular now all over the world. Without those guys, it will be hard to make such a big step into the future. Thanks for everything!"

Albert Ślusarczyk

Muffin Group co-founder

About Muffin Group

Muffin Group is a team of innovative devs and web designers who wanted to change the way we build websites. They developed Be Theme, the biggest WordPress theme ever created, with over 400+ pre-built websites for 30+ different industries.

Their most pressing goal


When we started working with Muffin Group in November 2014, they were selling about 190 licenses per week. Sales were tough to boost in an already-crowded market (and growing by the second).

Building an intuitive, reliable theme was no longer enough—in fact, it was a basic requirement for their increasingly-demanding user base.

The good news: They had an innovative product that could change the way we build websites.
The not-so-good news: Most of their ideal users had no idea about it.

Their biggest fear


Investing in a big marketing project

At the beginning of our 4-year collaboration (and counting!), the guys at Muffin Group were a bit skeptical about working with digital agencies. They were disappointed with the solutions they’d tried and wanted proof before diving into a full marketing project.

So they started with a “test run”: they booked an ad slot on a list campaign for WordPress themes to check if we could deliver on our promises.

Results quickly started rolling in: clicks, SEO benefits, qualified leads & new customers (all in a matter of weeks).

Test run: Success!

Next step: Taking Be Theme’s marketing to a whole new level → we were *seriously* excited.

The big makeover


Identifying Be Theme’s core value and turning it up to full power

Be Theme’s unique strength was the impressive collection of demos.

They were more than “templates”. More than the average demos. The guys were carefully following industry standards to make sure their demos were not just pixel-perfect, but perfectly aligned with their users’ needs.

We named them “pre-built website”, much more suitable than the regular “demo”. We thought that "demos" might wrongfully suggest that users can only view them for inspiration and not use them to build their websites faster and more easily.

So we focused all our marketing efforts around this new victory title: pre-built websites.

We used it in every.single.campaign, on their landing page, on their sales pages, in their content marketing...

The guys at Muffin Group cemented this core-feature by adding more pre-built websites every single month. Now there are over 400 to choose from - the biggest gallery ever created.

The goal was to associate Be Theme with “pre-built websites” to the point where you couldn’t distinguish the two. This way, the theme could easily be set apart from all the other ones on the market and become the top-of-mind choice for its ideal users.

The results

Be Theme is now one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market


Over 300,000 people were exposed to our campaigns every year, strengthening the association “Be Theme - pre-built websites” to knee-jerk level.


In the first year alone, Be Theme moved from 190 to 430 sales per week. Their weekly revenue went from $11,210 to $31,270.

Now they’re up to 900 sales per week, amounting to $53,100.

Market share

Their market share went from 2.02% to 8,59% since we’ve started working together.

Even in 2018, when the whole industry faced a market contraction, Be Theme maintained its market share.

More importantly, sales have kept growing every year despite the flood of new multipurpose WordPress themes on the market.


In just 4 years, Be Theme has gone up 11 spots on ThemeForests’ Topseller list. It started from #13 and it’s now the 2nd best-seller on the platform.

On the global market, taking into consideration all sellers and platforms, it’s the 3rd most popular WordPress theme. On the planet.

Want this kind of solid growth in a crowded market?

We can help you identify your product’s secret strength and turn it up to full power.

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"Since we started working with BAW, we became more popular. They constantly come up with good ideas that coincide with our expectations and they’re quick to help when there’s a problem"

Albert Ślusarczyk

Muffin Group co-founder