How BAW helped TMS Outsource grow the organic traffic and DA of their new plugin’s website,

  • 0 to 60,011
    monthly organic visits
    in 10 months
  • 3 to 34
    domain authority
    in 10 months
  • 0 to $90,000+
    in sales
    in 10 months

"The best result for us is the "snowball effect". BAW created well-planned, high-quality content that triggered a constant exponential growth in our traffic and leads for years to come. It's like investing in virtual "real estate", even though you see the results months later, it multiplies all the investments."

Alexander Gilmanov

TMS Outsource founder

About TMS Outsource

TMS Outsource develops cutting-edge applications for growing businesses, using ReactJS, Vue.js, Symfony, PHP, and other technologies. They focus on helping online businesses grow their profitability by creating apps that boost productivity and automate work processes. Their latest product is Amelia, an enterprise-level booking plugin.

Their most pressing goal


In June 2018, TMS Outsource launched their WordPress booking plugin, Amelia. Like most tech creators with a new product fresh out of the oven, they had no traffic on their website, no mentions in the media, no reviews.

Attracting the right leads is almost impossible when you don’t put your product in front of their eyes. So what they wanted was to reach out to people whose businesses depend on taking appointments and show them how Amelia can make their lives easier by automating their booking process.

The solution


We used a combination of inbound and outbound marketing to put Amelia on the radar, drive traffic to the website, and attract quality leads.

We segmented their ideal users so we can write dedicated content for each segment, addressing their specific needs & desires.

We created an editorial plan for their blog and wrote value-packed targeted posts to attract Amelia’s ideal users.

We featured Amelia in list campaigns targeted at web design teams and freelancers (an under-targeted market in dire need of solutions like Amelia).

We created two lead magnets for their main segments, wrote an onboarding sequence, and started sending regular newsletters to subscribers.

We used social media channels and content platforms that Amelia’s ideal users follow on the regular to generate buzz and drive more traffic to the website.

We helped TMS Outsource promote Amelia in high-quality web design publications, which attracted a flow of leads and boosted conversions.

We included Amelia in existing articles that get loads of organic traffic, in top-notch publications we’ve partnered with for years.

BAW is highly productive. They do sponsored posts on external resources. Nice listicle campaigns. Market research and UVP definition. This year we started working on content for blogs on our 3 sites too. They even gave us a free promo idea we would have never thought of ourselves. Turned out to work great!”

Alexander Gilmanov, Founder of TMS Outsource

The results

The massive exposure we got for Amelia in the first few months were crucial for the plugin’s success.

Using social media and content platforms in a strategic way, getting quality backlinks in high-traffic articles & and doing killer keyword research for the company blog brought Amelia great results in the first few months:

We boosted the website’s organic traffic from 0 to 60,011 monthly visits in 10 months

We lifted the domain authority from 3 to 34 in 10 months

We helped TMS Outsource make over $90,000 in sales since launching Amelia

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